Ana’s Review of Underground Encounters Book 2: “Fire” by Lisa Carlisle


This is the 2nd book in this new series by Ms. Carlisle. After the attack and fire at the underground goth club Vamps, the owner Michel decides to sell the club and travel with Nike. Now a year later Nike’s bestie Maya decides to pay a visit to her and Nike’s old haunt Vamps.

Maya is welcomed with open arms by the bouncer of Vamps and her friend Byron. Only one thing captures her attention the moment she looks across the room though, the tall, dark and mysterious hunk staring straight at her. Looks like her night at Vamps just got interesting, but the minute she blinks, he is gone.

Tristan has always thought of his gift as a curse, all he sees are peoples dark auras the hurt and sadness, but when he sees the lovely girl at the door he is surprised by what he sees for the first time in his life….Could the lovely Maya be the light that balances his dark?

Good/ evil, light/dark there is always one that balances the other, you just have to see it.



Ana’s Review of Underground Encounters Book 1: “Smolder” by Lisa Carlisle


This new series by Ms. Carlisle is going to rock like all her series do, but this is going to be even better because there are all types of Paranormal characters in this one and I love it !

Nike is a very independent girl, she is a firefighter by day and by night she unwinds by going to a very exclusive underground goth club with her co-worker and bestie Maya called Vamps. On this particular night she encounters the man she never expected to meet up there, the one that takes up all her fantasies and dreams. The hunk that works at the rock climbing gym she looks forward to visiting so she can drool.

Michel is a vampire, who thrives on giving the paranormal as well as humans a place to unwind….Vamps is his baby and he so looks forward to seeing the gorgeous beauty when she makes an appearance there in all her enticing attire, quite different to the gym clothes she wears to his rock climbing club, yes his gym.

Very soon Nike will achieve her fantasy while discovering that not all around her is what she thought. She is introduced to pleasures beyond her dreams and a world she never knew existed.


Ana’s Review of Silver Streak Pack Book 1: “Her Purr-Fect Surprise” by A.K. Michaels


Connie wants to see her bestie who doesn’t even want to go out happy, so she enlists the help of none other then the Paranormal Dating Agency. If anyone can find Cyndi the love of her life it’s Gerri! Even if she has to give herself up as a slave to get Gerri to take on her bestie’s case, she will. As long as she doesn’t have to sell her shoe collection, that would be a sacrilege….LoL

Cyndi has no desire to go dancing, or date any guys for that matter, doesn’t matter that they all think her strange for a she wolf, she just hasn’t felt it. Learning all she can about being a healer is all that’s on her mind, until he catches a whiff and a looksie at the most sexy and hot bodied man she has ever seen, but he’s not a wolf, what is this man who can make her body quiver, something that she has never felt before?

Mitch a very powerful were cougar and beta is sent to the healer at the Silver Streak Pack by his Alpha and he has no idea why. But when he walks into the healers cabin, Mitch realizes that the beauty standing in his sight is his lifemate and he’s going to have her no matter how much she denies it. He swears to her that he is going to make her scream his name so that her whole pack know she is his mate.

Gerri does it again, but Silver Streak Pack has not heard the last of her because Connie is just as needy and Gerri has her sights on that one.

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Ana’s Review of “Myths & Magic” 21 Books of Science Fiction & Fantasy


This is truly a plethora of stories for all Science Fiction and Fantasy buffs out there.   21 of some of the best authors in these genres have come together to bring you hours of reading pleasure.

Alchemy with Benefits by Katalina Leon

Estele Esposito has always been thought of as a walking witchy disaster, so  when the hunky, sexy Brujo flirts with her and tells her she is a very powerful witch, she almost falls over with mirth..  What would a brujo know anyway, you can’t trust them as far as you can throw him, after all her own father was one and look what he did and mama didn’t let her forget it either, said her mojo was just as bad as a brujo’s.  Those are the ideas she grew up with and we all know what effect that can have on a growing child.  Valentine got his information wrong, she could never be the salvation of San Buena, maybe the destruction, or does Val know something she doesn’t?
Can the Ghost Captain that resides in her apartment be the key to the mystery?  Even the talking shrunken heads show up for this one…LoL

Ana’s Review of Sorcery By The Sea Book 1: “Hoodoo Blue” by Katalina Leon


Burning Love!

Frederica De La Cruz is a witch with a serious problem, whenever she has lustful thoughts, she shoots flames. What’s a girl to do, become celibate, so as not to burn the town down? Fredi thinks just that, don’t go out with any guy, just stick to rescuing kittens and witching them good homes.

Her BFF Estele has other plans for her though in the form of a yummy lycan named Gus with a full moon problem. If she can get them together to have a drink called Hoodoo Blue all should fall into place!

What fun it was to read how these two manage to get through a night of Estele’s famous Micky, man my belly hurts from laughing at the antics Fredi has gotten herself into and the shrunken talking head just blew me away!


Ana’s Review of Queens of Draxos Book 1: “The White Queen” by Scarlett Grove


It’s Raining Dragons!

Oh my am I going to love this serial, the one thing I hate are the endings grrrrr they are so frustrating! Luckily Ms. Grove is not going to make us wait long….Can’t wait to get to the nitty gritty!

Joon is a very rare female Dragon, she has been raised her entire life as a scientist trying to find the cure for the plague that devastated her kind. Now it’s her 21st birthday and it has been a tradition for thousands of years among her kind that the male dragons fight to discover which one out of hundreds is the female’s mate. Joon is excited, although her scientific mind fears that her mate may not let her continue her work. Imagine when she discovers not only 1, but 5 very different dragons at her disposal. Will she choose just 1 and which, or will she forever be in thrall as she accepts them all.

Oh man I can’t wit for the next installment!


Ana’s Review of “Called by the Vampire” Part Four by V. Vaughn


A Change is Coming!

I’m starting to like this story more and more, it is getting more and more mysterious and intriguing. What is the mystery surrounding Sebastian and Alexander and why is Alexander so adamant about staying away from Maggie. Will Maggie’s heart win out over her? What does Sebastian really want with Maggie, he has made no move to woo her. Who is Robert and what part does he play in all the intrigue?

Lindsey is handling all the vampire turning business very well indeed and it’s because she is much more than just a vampire and she is about to discover what, but is it a good, or bad thing?