Ana’s Review of Iron Wolves MC Book 2: “Xan’s Feisty Mate” by Elle Boon


Even the toughest man can be turned to putty with the right woman. Also, there is such a strong message in this story, kind of made me fume, but unfortunately it does exist in our world.

She wolf Breezy has always given off a false persona, trying to reel in the only man who has ever made her itty bitty parts come to life as long as she can remember He never bothers to look her way and prefers to bounce all the other chicks on his lap. Her wolf knows he is her mate, so why doesn’t he notice? Now on top of all that she has some nut stalking her and she has to call on her Alpha and that means she will have to see her heart throb, his Beta.

Big tough Beta Xan has always had the hots for the feisty Breezy and his wolf knows she is his mate, but he has avoided being reeled in by her persona, constantly treating her like one of the club whores without touching her. Now that her life is in danger. he may not be able to avoid the Candy Cane headed beauty, he must protect her at all costs and discovers that not everything is as it seems.

Action and a passion so strong, you’ll need a hose.


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