Ana’s Review of Iron Wolves MC Book 3: “Kellen’s Tempting Mate” by Elle Boon


Man are those Iron Wolves nasty, tough and totally sexy hot! They can make a woman melt with just words!

Kellen Styles is the very imposing alpha of the Iron Wolves MC.. He has a rep for being a total Bad A** and a ladies man, But deep down there has only ever been one very smart Dr. for him, he just has to get his priorities in order and finally accept the mistakes he made 2 years ago by letting her go. There has never been another in his bed, it was all for show. Ever since he had her that one night years ago, he could never be with another. All around him his seconds sister and now even his second Xan has accepted his lot at long last, it’s time he did the same, especially with her tempting scent surrounding him. It’s time to make up for all that lost time and claim his mate, but will she accept him after all the pain he caused her by ignoring her. He will never let her leave again and will kill anyone that stands in his way.

Laikyn did everything in her power to make the big bad wolf notice her all those years ago and he just took and discarded her like so much trash. She couldn’t stand watching all those scanks bouncing on the lap of the man that would always own her heart and soul, so she up and left her home town. Now the Dr. is back in town and she still can’t stand his indifference even though she has come to accept that she will never have him. When he grabs her and gives her such a soul wrenching kiss will she be able to resist and leave town again, or will she forever be a slave to them, to him?

Lordy, is that alpha all macho and sinfully sexy. For all the bravado, he is really a slave to her and will let out the gift given to him by the goddess herself.

I can’t wait to read Syn’s story, I have a feeling it’s going to be a woozy!


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