Ana’s Review of The Twelve Dancing Bears Book 5: “Panda Bear Buns by Sable Sylvan


Well it’s time for some exotic Bear Buns! These Panda Bears have been with the 12 Dancing Bears for quite some time and that’s because they have never found their fated mate Could it be because they are oriental and so rare in the US, they certainly aren’t without eager fans, but none has ever been for them. Will it take a BBW Latin girl to catch their almond shaped eyes.

Ashley Ortiz has just transferred to town, she works for shifters so she is not new to the shifter world, not until her besties take her to Bear Buns and she catches sight of the 2 hot Pandas. What would it be like to have a menage, she’s never done that although she has quite the history behind her. She is blown away by the attention bestowed upon her, but she fears her past may catch up with her. Will the Panda hunks Jet and Onyx be able to convince her to spend the rest of her life with them, or will her fear of hurting them keep her from finally being happy?


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