Ana’s Review of A Zodiac Shifters Romance: “Kissed by Fire” (Maidens Book 2) by Michelle Fox


Killing Me Softly With Your Song!

This is the second book of The Maidens series which started with Kiss the Dragon. These Highland Dragon men were cursed to stay in their human form unless they find their true mate. Thus began their wait thousands of years ago and their hopes are slowly becoming hopeless. Finding their maidens is hard when you are in human form, so one of the brothers devises plan to lure their maidens to them.

Mermaid Mila and her sister Sila are lured to a slave ship while searching for trinkets for Sila’s mating ceremony and are met with the dreaded fisherman’s nets, While in search of her sister Mila is rescued from certain capture by 4 men that claim they can help save her sister, but there is one condition. This is no hardship for Mila if she can recover her sister and then return to her tribe, but will she want to after the high price that is paid?

Niall never thought that being kissed my a gorgeous mermaid underwater would change his life forever.. Her beauty and lovely song will be the death of him.

The suspense and magic in this story are fantastic!


2 thoughts on “Ana’s Review of A Zodiac Shifters Romance: “Kissed by Fire” (Maidens Book 2) by Michelle Fox

  1. I loved this story. I reread the first story. I’ll always think of Dragons serving High Tea. Just picturing them sitting with their little finger sticking out slays me. However, this second book with a dragon and mermaid is about mind boggling. I remember Michelle writing about some of her “issues” with completing this book. It is a don’t miss read. I hope everyone enjoys this reading romp.


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