Ana’s Review of “Aries” (Zodiac Dragon Guardians Book 4) by Kim Faulks


OMG, this is the most emotional book of this series, I cried throughout the entire book, even the sex part had me crying and just when I thought I would have a reprieve when I finally smiled and was happy, well really Zadoc and Joslyn, BOOM! Congratulations Ms. Faulks you really touched my heart with this story. All of the stories in this series are in their own right very sad, but this one really got to me.

Joslyn is a human that has had a very sad life, always looking to belong and when she finally thinks she has found it, her eyes are opened to the reality of her situation. She is preganant with a wolf and trusts no one, not even the one person who tries to come to her aid. Too late she discovers that the beast will protect her with his life if it comes to that. She is not afraid of the Wretched and calls him to her, giving him what he needs to bring him back to life, a son.

Zadoc born under the sign of Aries the Ram The Guardian has taken it upon himself to protect the weak and his family from the darkness. He spends almost all his time on his mountain among the graves he has created for all who would harm women and children. He knows he has alienated his dragon the Wretched, but when he hears her voice, her screams the beast speaks to him after years of silence. In that moment he knows he will endure anything, even die for this little human who carries his child, she is his salvation, or maybe his doom

The Huntress wants Joslyn’s child, there is something very special about her wolf, not even the mother knows. When she gives birth to her wolf, something never expected happens, something miraculous. Something worse than the Huntress lurks in the shadows

I cannot begin to say how much I want to read the next book in this series, so suspenseful!


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