Ana’s Review of The Twelve Dancing Bears Book 6: “Koala Bear Buns” by Sable Sylvan


Natalie really doesn’t want to hook up with any guy after being cheated on by the man she thought she loved, but when her BFF takes her to Bear Buns for her bachlorette party she is transfixed by the cuddly Koala’s that headline the nights show and figures a one night stand can’t hurt only she can’t stop thinking about her ex and can’t do it. Little does she know she is going to be pulled down under by two very determined Aussie’s.

Bruce and Zach are determined to woo the beautiful BBW they catch sight of in the crowd and they are about to show her just how cuddly Koala’s can be, no matter how long it takes, or what it takes, even breaking and entering! They are the last of the famous 12 Dancing Bears to find their mate and they are not about to let her slip out of their fingers.

This is the last book in this fun series. Now that the 12 Dancing Bears have found their mates, it’s time for a new venue and besides they are going to have to expand because their show has really taken off in spades and shifters from all around the country want a chance to get on that stage and shake their buns for some lucky lady. I can’t wait for those!


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