Ana’s Review of “Love Bite” by Celia Kyle


I absolutely love vampires with a conscience. These 4 Vamps have been BFF forever and will be forever more. They were all turned when they were vikings while raiding a farm, thousands of years later comes the realization that what they were doing then is barbaric, although it wasn’t back then.

Zoe is desperate with no way in sight to pay her bills, or rent she figures she’ll try one of her BFF’s suggestion and sell her blood to vampires. It is all the rave now. She’s not to crazy about the sex part, but when she gets a look at at the Viking looking hunk, all those thougbhts about the no sex go right out the window, or rather her mind. So what if she has a little fun while he feasts on her.

Arik Lange is a vampire that is thousands of years old he has seen it all and done it all, but he has never had the stirrings in his heart that he feels when he sees the BBW in his club Claret. She is the woman he never thought he’d come across. She is beautiful and she has even managed to make him see that he was not a monster back in his viking days. Now he must make the decision to do what he has been avoiding for thousands of years and even that she makes him realize is not his fault. How can a human make a vampires heart beat so strong?

Beautiful and suspenseful story.


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