Ana’s Review of Howl’s Romance Book 1: “The Werewolf Tycoon’s Baby” by Celia Kyle


I enjoyed watching the Greek macho wolf get taken down a notch cause he really ticked me off to no end during the story. For someone who claimed to love his mate at the end, he sure never showed a bit of it. At the same time I really liked that finally the true colors of an alpha male came out. Most shifter stories always have the male doting over the female mate, not wanting to cause her any emotional pain, but in this story you see the real feelings of the male no matter how much he loves her which gives the story more credibility At the same time you learn that communication is very important in a relationship, it can make it, or break it.

Lissa is a human blinded by insecurities created by another and risks losing the love of her life because of this. Greek Alpha Tycoon Galen risks losing his mate because of his macho tendencies. They both risk losing each other because of the lack of communication.

This is a trip into the reality of an alpha’s mind.


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