Ana’s Review of Zodiac Shifters Romance: “Bound by Water” by Monica La Porta


I have always loved Monica La Porta’s Immortals and to see Alexander, Samuel Marcus, Peter, the whole Immortal world again was such a treat!

Ariel has led a life of thievery , her mother abandoned her and her father being a famous artist and gambling addict left her to her own devices. It was either that , or work the streets to live. After having lost her loving father, she is left with his gambling debt and now after a year of leaving behind her sordid life, she has to resume it in order to escape the clutches of the dreaded gang The Reds. When she finds herself on the beach face to face with a very naked, but beautiful man after escaping her heist, she is transfixed by his beauty and lips and such is her surprise at her reaction that she flees.

Merman Atreides never thought to find his mate and now that he has he can’t complete the bond and risk losing her to old age, after all she is a mortal. Would the gods be so cruel as to give her to him only to take her away? Yet there is something so familiar about the beauty, only he can’t quite put his finger on it. He’s surely losing the battle with his desire for her the more time he spends by her side.

What mystery is it that surrounds Ariel, the surprise that awaits all, even Ariel is astounding to say the least.


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