Ana’s Review of Le Beau Brothers Book 1: “Cade” by V.A. Dold


I very much like the idea an older woman being portrayed in this story, her dreaming of her idea of the perfect lover and then meeting up with him….Kind of impossible, but it is a dream after all and dreams can sometimes come true?

Anna has endured many years of mental abuse from her husband, so much that every night she dreams of her perfect idea of a man, one who will love her curves and cherish her above all else, oh and he will be a hunk to boot. Now that her boys are all grown up and out of college, it’s time to take off and start a new life far away from her ex husband, yes she divorced him and decides to move to New Orleans and live her own life…Little does she know that her life is about to take a turn she didn’t anticipate and her dreams may just be realized.

Cade Le Beau is the eldest of 7 brothers and is having some very sensual dreams that are interfering with his bachelor ways.. The Le Beau’s are Royalty in New Orleans and he has his pick of the litter, but for some reason he only has eyes for his dream girl. Can his eyes be deceiving him, when he catches a whiff and sees her sitting at the bar? The Goddess has looked down on him and given him his mate and she is the woman from his dreams! She is human and he must tread lightly, little does Cade know that he has also taken residence in her dreams for the past 5 years and she will be the one treading lightly lest he think she is crazy.

The story line is great, although I found it to drag a bit with unnecessary information, but this is the first book in this series and I expect that the following books will be much better. I really enjoyed it otherwise and look forward to reading the rest of the brother’s stories.


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