Ana’s Review of A Zodiac Shifters Romance “The Siren’s Promise” by Jami Brumfield


And they said water and fire don’t mix, Logan and Arabella sure proved them to be wrong!

Sirens Arabella and her twin Sara Bella daughters of Hades have been judge and jury of souls for thousands of years…They decide what part of hell they go to based on the lives they have lived. Arabella is tired of living no life and wants to escape the Island in hopes of living a life like in her Romance novels. When she finds a dead body on the Island, she is in a quandry, he’s not supposed to be there only souls are allowed. He is so nice to look at though and when he bursts to life, she feels she might be able to have a taste of him and thus not have to leave. Until dear Daddy pops up and realizes what has happened to his child.

Phoenix and Empath Logan has been on the run cast out of his pack by an evil uncle. He has no illusions of ever finding his mate, after all how can a man on the run from assassins sent to kill him ever keep a mate and their children safe. It’s a very lonely life on the run, dying and coming back to life, but that is the life of a Phoenix.

The Goddess of Love Aphrodite has a plan for Logan and Arabella, she’ll just need a little help from her uncle Hades.

I enjoyed the suspense in this story, really kept me guessing on the outcome.


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