Ana’s Review of The Feminine Mesquite Book 1: “The Cinderella Cook-Off” by Sable Sylvan


What joy this was to read, just like a real life Cinderella story, only it took this prince 10 years to find the owner of the sneaker.

Alice has sweet dreams every night of the mysterious masked man that took her breath away 10 years ago and now she can’t be with the man who she feels attracted to. She feels like she belongs to that man she had the one night stand with. Luckily the man she is attracted to is also the man she must beat for the famous recipe her grandpa left her and her sisters,so he is hands off. Hopefully cause he looks as yummy as all the food at the fair.

Herbert is in town to retrieve the famous recipe his grandfather claims was stolen from him years ago. But he didn’t count on his rival being the BBW grandaughter to the would be thief. She makes him feel things only one other ever did and that was 10 years ago….Could it be, or is just De’Ja’Vu?

Can’t wait to read the next shifter tale.


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