Ana’s Review of Children of Mist & Fire Book 1: “Mist Revealed” by Nancy Corrigan


Do you want to imagine what Global Warming would do to the world if we truly lived in a supernatural world, then you need to read this book and know that it could be just as bad in a completely un-supernatural way. Loved how Ms. Corrigan integrated this phenomenon in her story.

Global Warming has melted the ice that imprisoned the Fire Demons and The Children of The Mist who have been in a stasis of sleep until the waking of The Fire Demons. The Children of the Mist are Wardens tasked with protecting humanity in the case that The Fire Demons were unleashed. When the Children of the Mist are awakened, they realize that the evil has been set free years ago and they may be too late to save the world.

Rune a Warden is flooded with guilt in the knowledge that his plan to keep the evil in check has failed and that they are spreading a virus that may very well cause the end of life as we know it. He is called ‘Cold’ by his brethren because he has never succumbed to a female. Not until he meets Cat and she melts the coldness from him and in it’s place leaves a warmth unknown to him. All he wishes is to show her the passion that has been dormant in him all his life and save the world at the same time. Th lovely human is more than he anticipated and he is thrown into a quandary.

Cat Saunders is a Scientist trying to discover the cause of the Virus that killed her sister, she never expected what she is confronted with. Always dealing in facts, she cannot fathom what her body and eyes are telling her. The man takes her to heights she never imagined possible and she soon learns that she has inherited something very valuable from her namesake Catherine Saunders.

Ms Corrigan has written a story that has made me feel all the emotions that Cat feels, the passion is very deep and indescribable. So very well written, I had to get away from the book on multiple occasions just to cool my heels. I loved it and you will have to read it to appreciate what I have said.

Running to read the next book in this fantastic series!



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