Ana’s Review of 300 Moons Book 5: “Bake This” by Tasha Black


I love these Harkness kids, so much family love and unity. Kate has and continues to give love to these shifter children dropped off with her because of their inability to handle their special gifts. She raises them to feel true family love and that their special gifts do not make them outcasts, but that they are very special. Her first bunch of kids are grown now and some have made a name for themselves, even have found their true mates.

Derek’s brother Will has always preferred to stay in the shadows, a lone wolf until he meets his brother’s sister in law that is. The accident prone, lone witch brings him out of the shadows. What’s even better is that Tess can’t tell a lie when she uses her magic, that’s the price she has to pay for it. And doesn’t that make it so much better for Will, he doesn’t have to waist time trying to chase the quite beauty that keeps running away because she tells him exactly what she wants, him.

This is a short wonderful Christmas get together for all the Harkness kids. It is such a pleasure to have them all together in one place sharing the love.


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