Ana’s Review of 300 Moons Book 6: “Bear This!” by Tasha Black


Kate Harkness does it again, she captures the heart of all who know her and she not only loves and cares for shifter children, but humans too. Such is the case with Ethan Chambers. He always felt more at home at the Harkness Farm then at his own home since childhood, always felt more family love with the Harkness kids and more motherly love from Kate. Now all grown up and yummy he has left all his family riches behind and is a volunteer at the Tarker’s Hollow Fire Dept, never missing the holiday get together with his best friend Derek and all the Harkness family. But for all his rugged good looks, he is missing something in his life, but when Evangeline walks through the Fire House doors something in him clicks and he just knows that he has to keep her there as long as possible.

Evangeline was taken away from the Harkness Farm, the only home she ever felt love at years ago by her mother and it wasn’t motherly love that made her do it either. Now she is running to Tarker’s Hollow in hopes that Kate will help her in the way that only she knows. By adopting the child that she is carrying, so that it will be safe from those that would take it from her. Instead she goes to the Fire House in hopes of using the facilities and getting out of the cold. When she sees her teenage crush, she is over whelmed by the man standing before her. Man has he grown into a god! She soon discovers that she is still crushing and what’s more her bear is jumping for joy, it’s a good thing she can still keep it caged in, but tonight starts her 300 Moon. Will she be able to keep her under control, or will she give in to the magic she feels at seeing Ethan again.

OMG, I wish I lived in such a magical world!


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