Ana’s Review of A Tarker’s Hollow Serial: “Heir To The Alpha” Episodes 1 & 2 by Tasha Black


Well it’s about tiime! LoL I was dying to read the continuation of this very suspenseful series. I loved reading what has transpired with Ainsley, Erik,
Grace, Cressida and the packs

In the previous book we read how Ainsley and Erik finally decide to merge their Packs and go to Tarker’s Hollow, it’s not an easy merge though, a lot of Erik’s pack members are disappearing, or leaving. The horrors of what the moroi (Shadow demons) did is still raw, so many females lost their mates. Things are not that easy for 2 alpha’s running a Pack, but Ainsley and Erik are determined to make it work somehow, especially with the coming birth of their child. Ainsley’s BFF Grace lost Julian when he sacrificed himself in order to save Grace and aide in the closure of the Portal.

Grace Kwan-Cortez is still troubled by dreams of her one true love Julian and she is hell bent on finding those responsible, the moroi. She is the most powerful witch and may be their only hope of defeating this evil. She just needs to understand and learn how powerful she is and use it.

Cressida, Ainsley’s Beta is on the mission to find the moroi with Grace and may be more than she knows, but what? And what is killing animals in the forrest, could it be responsible for the disappearance of members of Erik’s pack too?

Can’t wait to read the next episode.


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