Ana’s Review of The Feminine Mesquite Book 2: “Beauty and the BBQ” by Sable Sylvan



Can 2 people be more stubborn? The oldest of the 2 families Herbert and Alisa have gotten engaged and subsequently built a house for all the respective siblings to live in during the breaks from College. To avoid any arguing for rooms among them, they decide to designate rooms for all of them. Problem is it’s co-ed and guess who the roommates are? You got it one of each of the siblings from the Scovilles & Quincy’s will share a suite by age.

Abigail Quincy and Clove Scoville are roommates, but both are very stubborn. They try to ignore the one night of passion they shared during their siblings House Warming and Engagement party last time they saw each other and they won’t admit the attraction they feel. Abby will concede, but Clove, well he’s a very stubborn and obstinate man and he won’t listen to his bear Will he let go of his beliefs that he is too much of a beast for Abby and give in?.


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