Ana’s Review of Zodiac Shifters Aries: “Phoenix Under Fire” by Crystal Dawn


Loved the mystery and love in this book ….Proves that fate makes no concession and that true love makes no distinctions. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know what he is, it’s all him. Thus is the case for Annie, she is a very powerful witch, more so than even she realizes. When her father is about to arrange an alliance match for her, she decides she wants to find her true mate and it doesn’t matter what he is, as long as he is her true mate.

Ramiros a prince among the Phoenix never thought his dream would land him on a beach with sand every where, must have been one heck of a night. A devout bachelor, he is not prepared for the beauty that walks into the offices of his family business ans she is his true mate. Now all he wants is to mate her and never leave her side, but she is a witch and not one of their kind, so he must take it slow. He can’t even tell her what he is yet, but such is their love that she accepts him no matter what.

There is a prophecy foretold that is starting and all the paranormal must come together to nip it before it starts at all costs.A man named Hubolla plans on world domination and that can never be, paranormal thought to be myths by many must be located to join in stopping him.

This is going to be a series I will really enjoy reading, so many different paranormal and I love it.


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