Ana’s Review of A Wolf Maiden Saga #1: “Lycan Gladiator” by Eva Gordon


Ms. Gordon took the wolves to the Roman times of the Gladiators and I loved it! They were even more secret about themselves back then, can you imagine what the blood thirsty Romans would do if they found out about shifters? Worse than what one Lycan alpha is doing using his kind, especially one as strong and powerful as the Alpha Male Ulric He is a slave and is used for entertainment in the arena of Gladiators, he is known as the Wolfen Beast and is undefeated. But the humans, even the Emperor is not privy of their existence, Ulric is the only known of his kind.

Ulric slave and undefeated gladiator is sought after by the elite females of the court and all woman for his prowess. He has never entertained the idea of having a wolf maiden. But when he catches sight of the lovely Cassia, he feels a strong pull to the beautiful lady unaware that she carries the mark of the Wolf Maiden and much more. Will he risk being flogged for daring to entertain ideas, or will he throw caution to the wind for the pleasure of her company?

Cassia is one of the few human females who carries the mark of the Wolf Maiden created by the Goddess Ferona, the only female able to mate with an Alpha and bear him children but she must keep the secret lest she be claimed by the Alpha who sits next to the Emperor himself. She lives in the guise of a slave apprentice to a physician and while buying medicinal herbs in the market feels her Maiden Mark burn which can only mean that she is in the presence of her life mate which happens to be the very sought after and handsome Gladiator slave.

They now live in a very perilous environment and must find a way to be together and avoid the evil surrounding them. Will they be able to defeat the mighty Emperor’s plans?

 AnaWolf Flame

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