Ana’s Review of Wolf Maiden Saga Book 2: “White Wolf of Avalon” by Eva Gordon


I absolutely loved reading about King Arthur and his Round Table again, we all know the story. This time though Ms Gordon has written it with an added character, Lycans, and why not? It only makes sense that during a time when the great Merlin, his fae sisters like Morgan Le Fey and the magical Isle of Avalon with the Lady of The Lake existed, that Lycan would also.

Sir Bledig (Iron Fist) is one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table, but his King and his fellow Knights do not know that he is a Werewolf Knight. He was raised by humans after his family was massacred and will not accept the beast that lives within him. He is plagued by a recurring dream of a beautiful goddess playing a lyre, not aware that she is his Wolf Maiden. He swears not to embrace his wolf, but to exorcise it and remain a Knight to King Arthur. He swears he will not claim his Wolf Maiden, but when the he sees the Goddess of his dreams in the flesh the attraction is fierce. Wiil the Knight succeed in ridding himself of the white wolf, or will he succumb to his Maiden’s mark.

Annora is one of the few blessed Wolf Maiden’s, but she is a scholarly woman who only wishes to write and study scrolls of history. She is aware of what her duty as a Maiden is and hopes that the Alpha that claims her will allow her to continue with her love for knowledge. When she lays eyes on Bledig she sees the aura of the white wolf that has been in her dreams since childhood. She soon learns that she must forget her scrolls and use all her wiles to turn the Knight into the white wolf prophesied to be the Alpha of all the Lycans of Britain.

So much magic, intrigue, suspense, treachery and love. Before I became a fan of Paranormal I only read Historical Romances, so this was a real treat for  me. This is definitely a must read for all fans of King Arthur & The Round Table, with shifters thrown in it’s even better. Ms Gordon I really hope you write more of this Saga of the Wolf Maidens, a story of Melora and the pict wolf lad would be great…..wink, wink!

So if you love Historical Romance and Paranormal, this is the Saga to read.


2 thoughts on “Ana’s Review of Wolf Maiden Saga Book 2: “White Wolf of Avalon” by Eva Gordon

  1. Really sounds fascinating, if I only had the time or inclination to read. Will wait til Starz or HBO grabs it for TV viewers like me. Lol


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