Ana’s Review of Feminine Mesquite Book 4: “The Matchstick Grill” by Sable Sylvan


So it’s the 4th siblings Kai and Basil’s turn to rotate the grill, problem is Kai is all work and no play and Basil is a bad boy that likes to travel a lot. How will they ever be able to work together, they are two complete opposites. All 10 siblings the Quincy’s and the Scoville’s get together and they all go to Bear Buns in Denver to celebrate Addy’s graduation and Kai is about to get the surprise of her life and change her view of Basil completely.

Basil knows that the BBW Kai is the one for him, but how is he ever going to get close enough to the workaholic, not to mention the fact that he feels his mate mark is nothing more than a dark mark on his chest that makes no sense at all. When these two finally get together, it is nothing like what Basil expected, Kai is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, no pun intended! Basil soon realizes that his mate mark is more than he thought and the tree of life is about to be sprung.


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