Ana’s Review of **Forever After Dark Book 1: “Notorious” by Elle Thorne


Man do I love Ms. Thorne’s Shifters Forever World, there is always a mystery, but never a dull, or passionate moment for any of these shifters and paranormal. This new one is no exception, we visit Mae Forrester’s kind, the world of Elemental Hybrids. These fascinating paranormal have 2 beings living in them and are sometimes at odds as we learn.

Circe Brazos is Mae’s cousin who she hasn’t seen in years after Mae decided to follow her heart in Bear Valley Canyon. Being one of the 4 able to head Order of Elementals has made her one tough cookie, she has no time for love, especially with the elemental that lives within her. That is until she opens the door to Lincoln Avila and his 4 year old Elemental hybrid niece Dina. Dina needs her help, but who will help her against the butterflies in her stomach at the sight of the shifter?

Lincoln Avila has every reason to dislike elementals, but he must put all that aside in order to help Dina. He knew that helping Dina wouldn’t be easy, what he hadn’t counted on was meeting Circe and feeling the strong emotion he had never felt before, a desire to protect an elemental. Will he be able to control his Lion from pouncing on her, it might be the death of him?

Long lost family in need of help and old angst is put aside as the cousins fight for long lost loved one. Lots of Magic and passion.


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