Ana’s Review of The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch Book 6: “Desert Roots” by Anna Lowe


It was so much fun to visit with the Twin Moon Ranch gang, love them all. It’s time for the last sibling and wild child to settle down, but she is going to fight it all the way because she refuses to make the same mistake her mom made with her dad..

Carly Hawthorne feels like she has always been on the outside looking in, but in reality she is her father’s daughter, never quite settling down with one man. Always living on the edge of life and when she singles out the flavor of the night, she refuses to listen to her wolf that tells her that this time she has to slow down and savor the bad boy before he turn a new leaf.

Luke is trying to turn his life around, he is trying to leave the bad boy behind and make up for all his sins, but the hellion just won’t let him. Just one more night, but he wants more than 1 night, he just can’t catch her and he just can’t do right. Will he go back to being a bad boy, or will he turn a new leaf? It’s all in the hands of a wild cat, or wolf rather, that wants no part of love.

Dang am I going to miss the Twin Moon Ranch series, it’s been such a fun ride reading all the gangs stories. I’ll look forward to seeing them once in a while at the Blue Moon Saloon.


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