Ana’s Review of Zodiac Shifters: “Tears of the Dragon” by Cara Wylde


Aileen Callas has been obsessed since childhood with mythology, specifically Jason & The Golden Fleece. You see she is a direct descendant of Medea, the witch that put the Guardian of the Fleece to sleep all those millennia ago, so her love would not follow her. Did Media have an ulterior motive to her actions, did she as a witch have the gift to see into the future?

Aileen is a professor of Mythology, but she has it in her head that the story of Jason & The Golden Fleece, more specifically the Guardian is all too real and she is going to prove it to the world. She never thought that her quest would bring her face to face with a pissed off dragon!

Drakon has been guarding the fleece for so long as a dragon that all his humanity is gone and he knows not for what, he can’t even sleep because of the curse, only kill any that dare try to possess the fleece. Would that the curse be gone, or he could die. When the dragon instead of killing sits and listens to the human who has dared enter his cave, he is mesmerized and after years of not shifting to his human the shift comes upon him and he realizes that Medea had her reasons for what she did.

Love the mythology in this story, not the same old story we’ve always heard in books and the movie Jason and the Argonauts, this was a different and very enjoyable version.


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