Ana’s Review of Berserker Saga Book 5: “Claimed by the Berserkers” by Lee Savino


These Berserkers need spaewives to control the beast inside them, so far they have only found 4 the 2 oldest have found their mates in the Alphas of the upper and lower packs. The twin Muriel has her mate and the youngest and sickly Fleur twin must choose her mate among the packs. Until she is swept away by the exotic berserker Arne, Erik and the wolf Gunnr. She deems herself unworthy, being sickly and not as pretty as her sisters, of being a bride to a berserker, much less 3. These 3 bond brothers won’t be deterred, she is their mate and they would risk the wrath of the pack, even death to be with her, but they must convince her that she is indeed worthy. Magic has a price and Fluer has the sight and pays for it with her sickness and her mates are the only salvation she has.  She has a vision of death which could be her own and she must protect her mates from the pain of their loss by running.  But maybe she should have stayed rather then face the evil that awaits.

Through all the tribulations the four must endure, there comes a revelation that may be the salvation of many berserkers, but they must overcome an evil that waits to be unleashed.

This series gets better and better every time I read the next book.



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