Ana’s Review of The Berserker Brides Book 1: “Rescued by the Berserker” by Lee Savino


Am I so happy Ms Savino has continued this wonderful Saga of the Berserkers and more happy to see that there are way more spaewives for these Berserker Warriors that were created, no cursed so selfishly.
They have found a way to control the beast within, but only by a special woman, a spaewife. As Knut hunts for the 3 wolves that escaped with Fluer, he comes upon a sweet fragrance that he just can’t turn away from and when he sees Hazel he cannot control the urge to grab her and run.

Hazel has been under the control of the abbey all her life, she and her friends are all orphans that have been raised by the nuns and now are unknowing prisoners of the evil Warrior King. They are all spaewives and do not know that they are destined to be the means to bring the Warrior King to life, but if they are rescued by the Berserkers they will be willing brides, not a means to an end.

Hazel has always been told that her fever is the wicked curse of lust, until Knut teaches her that it is not a curse, but a blessing for him as well as for her. Will Hazel who has always known obedience be a willing submissive to the mighty warrior, or will she go back to the only life she has ever known.

Knut is the strongest of the pack after the Alpha’s and he is a lone wolf, he doesn’t have a bond brother that can keep him from losing control of his beast, only a mate could. That is why when he comes upon Hazel, his mate, he is willing to disobey his Alphas in order to bond with her. Will he convince Hazel and be able to control his beast in time to do so?

This Saga is getting so good!


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