Ana’s Review of “Night and Day Ink” Volume 1 by Milly Taiden


OMG I absolutely loved this bundle 4 stories that blew me away with the witt and passion! And they say a kitty won’t purr for a wolf! I thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every one of them. Those sexy guys should be illegal!

Royce that sexy wolf and Kiara that tigress really heat up halloween nght. Little Red Riding Hood would be jealous.

Those tattooed and pierced twins Bryce and Brent would make any woman swoon, no wonder Stephanie had the hots for them. They really didn’t need jets to bubble up, or heat up that Jacuzzi and they definitely don’t need to be shifters to get that .gal all hot and bothered.

Callum doesn’t want a mate, no matter how much he is lusting after Ana, but when he catches the BBW pussy cat purring, all previous thoughts go out the window. The wolf forgets he’s a wolf, gives in to all his desires and laps up all the kitty’s bowl of milk.

Brett never thought a tigress would run into him on the street and one he can’t resist at that. All Valentina wants is to sate her lust for one night and that’s exactly what the sexy dirty talking stranger will give her….

Get out those hoses cause this is a really hot wild ride


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