Ana’s Review of The Berserker Saga Books 1-5 by Lee Savino


You are going to love this Saga, to read every single one in one sit is a treat I read every one of them as they published and I can tell you, there was not a moment that was not suspenseful, even the passion is suspenseful!

These Viking, Norse and even Slave Warriors were cursed thousands of years ago to fight for a power hungry king. They live with two beings, the wolf and the beast, they are feared and invincible. They cannot even have a mate to calm the beast, until they discover from a witch that there is indeed a mate that can calm a Bereserker, a very special woman with magic, a spaewife.

Thus begins the search for their mate in the hope of calming their beast and living in some semblance of peace. But the Berserker must always dominate.

I love these Berserker stories so much that I started reading the next part if this great Saga yesterday.


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