Ana’s Review of “Heir To The Alpha” Episodes 3 & 4 A Tarker’s Hollow Romance by Tasha Black


OMG, what can I say, this serial is getting sooooo suspenseful and the mystery is very mysterious. What I like about this serial is that you get 2 episodes at a time and I don’t have to wait forever to read the next one.

Surprise, surprise, surprise, I never expected that Linc! Not to mention the surprise that overcomes Cressida, well 2 actually and both of them will be mind blowing for Javier. But look out cause she is not the only one that surprises everybody, Grace pulls a whammy with her magic that literally zaps her out.

In the meantime Eric and Ainsley are still dealing with what the Federation may have in store for them.

I received these episodes free, but I voluntarily leave this review and can’t wait till next week to read the next episodes.


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