Ana’s Review of Aloha Shifters Book 1: “Lure Of The Dragon” by Anna Lowe


Oh I love this new series and in Hawaii! Ms. Lowe you are a wonder and never cease to amaze me with your stories.
These 5 hunks are all ex-military special forces and they are all different shifter, except for the 2 dragons,  grumpy Silas and hot as sin Kai. Silas and Ash are they only 2 dragons in Hawaii, until Tessa shows up that is, she brings the dragons from Phoenix flying after her. Problem is as soon as she shows up at the gates of the shifters home in Hawaii Ash shows up and when he catches sight and his dragon catches a whiff of her all bets are off, she is off limits to anyone, but him.

Tessa is running to Hawaii from a demented customer that just turned into something she ever only read about, a dragon and her neighbor into a fox! But Ella the fox says her friends in Hawaii will help her, so off she goes, Ella who works for Twin Moon Ranch by the way, forgot to mention how hot her welcoming committee would be. She is about to be introduced to the world of shifters and a little bit more grandma failed to ever mention.

Kai never thought he would see, or smell anything so divine in his lifetime. Humans are off limits though unless…….Now he just has to keep her safe from other draqons that want to get their hands on his treasure and explain to her that she is a Fire Maiden the most precious treasure to a dragon, good luck with that. She’ll love to hear that he is part dragon after just a day of being attacked by a lunatic dragon and discovering that shifters really do exist.

I can’t wait to read the other guys stories.


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