Ana’s Review of Credence Curse Book 3: “Reason to Love” by Sedona Venez


Battle of Wills!

Man what patience and determination and control! I can’t imagine that I would have that much control and patience with such a sexy, commanding hunk like Jackal and I’m a very patient person!

Vampire Hybrid and daughter of the most powerful vampire of NY and the Northeast King Oskar Orlav, Princes Reason Orlav has never really been accepted by either the vampire, or the human world, but that has never stopped her from being the best that she can be, just like her 2 BFF’s Hybrids like herself. They have found their ever after though, but Reason just can’t trust any man to want her for herself and not her position. Vamps and shifters don’t get along, but Reason finds it hard to not to get annoyed and giving him lip whenever she sees Jackal, but she can’t stop her lady bits from crying either. She wants forever with a man and he won’t give it, if his reputation is any indication.

Jackal’s wolf keeps banging on his cage because he wants Reason, but Jackal the man won’t make a commitment with a vampire, they took his mate and unborn child away from him years ago. He hates anything vampire, but not Reason he just wants to take her and forget everything arund him, but his memories just won’t let him. Will he forget his prejudices and move forward, or will he live his life forgetting for a few hours in different beds.

What a battle of wills, it is awesome! Read how stubborn two souls can be and how they fight the attraction neither one can deny. I laughed, cried and got very frustrated at times with both of them, not to mention that dirty talking of Jackal’s, I loved, but I totally enjoyed every minute of it.

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