Ana’s Review of “Heir to the Alpha” Episodes 5 & 6 A Tarker’s Hollow Romance by Tasha Black


51oHSzgkEGL._SY346_ (1)

What a wonderful and surprising end to this great serial! Ms Black really has a hit with this one.

I’m not going to even say anything that may give away the ending, suffice it to say……..Ainsley and Erik are doubly surprised and although they do have to fight off some weird beings to get their HEA all around for both their packs, not only their own, it is well worth it

Cressida finds that she can really rock when she has to, her grandpa really knows what he’s been talking about and Javier couldn’t be happier with her new found hobby.

Grace makes a decision that not only affects the world of magic as well as her own, but gives her an HEA she did not expect at all.

And Tarker’s Hollow residents enjoy festivities they never thought they’d ever have again!

I would recommend reading this whole serial, you will not be sorry you did! Did I mention that you might need a little hosing down…LoL


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