Ana’s Review of The Feminine Mesquite Book 5: “Little Red Hot Sauce” by Sable Sylvan


Well we come to the last of the Quincy and Scoville siblings. This has been a wonderful journey, not to mention all the yummy food involved.

Savina Quincy is the youngest of the sisters and all that she is thinking about is her siblings having the grandest wedding ever seen in Texas. She doesn’t want to put any kind of damper on their special day even if that means sacrificing her happiness. Forget that the real bad boy, daredevil Mason Scoville stole her heart from the very first moment she saw him at her grandfathers reading of the will. She’s a real firebrand that will not give in to her heart, or desires and the only way to accomplish that is by pushing him away by letting him know she dislikes him. Will she be able to withstand his passion, or live out her days without the love of her life?

Mason Scoville is the real bad boy of the Scoville siblings, always challenging himself to do the impossible. Now he has to accomplish the biggest challenge of all, winning over his fated mate and being the fifth groom in the upcoming wedding of the century. He loves her sass and can handle anything she can dish out, but he has a lot of work to do and he’ll need a lot of patience.

Will Savine and Mason fulfill a plan that was set into motion years ago? You will be very surprised by the events that take place. This series was so much fun to read! Another great series by Ms. Sylvan


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