Ana’s Review of A Zodiac Shifters Romance: “Love’s Warrior” by Jennifer Hilt


What can you when you are in love with a shifter and are the daughter of the God Aries and a retired Amazon warrior to boot. Take off and hide that’s what cause you have to get away from them all and no one can know who you are, so you have to pretend to be what you re not and hope for the best. But you can’t deny your feelings and they are all over the place when you see that hunk of a bear shifter with all that glorious silver hair and that body that goes on forever. He may be 20 years older, but that doesn’t take away the sexiness. With age comes experience and he’s got it in spades!

Jessica must decide whether to please her family and live forever away from the pleasure of her love, or give in to her heart and body.

Ice Bear Carson has decided that he is going to get his Amazon Warrior back and is never letting go of his mate again. As Marshal of the paranormal he is on a mission to clear her name of a gruesome double murder and seduce her back forever. Only time will tell if he succeeds on his mission and he is running out of it.



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