Ana’s Review of Weres &Witches of Silver Lake Book 8: “Waking Her Bear” by Vella Day


I’ll never tire of these great witches and were’s of Silver Lakes! This one is like a male sleeping beauty and it is awesome! I would love to walk into a cave and find one too!

Missy Berta is a Wendayan healer, she is always called upon to when someone is in need of healing powers. She is very shy and reserved, never finding the need to mingle with he girls, she prefers to keep to herself and stay unnoticed. She is very happy for her sister, cousin and all her friends for having found their mates and she has no expectations of ever finding hers. On one of her hunts for healing herbs she stumbles upon a very naked man and for some reason he gets her aura shooting sparks, but she blames it all on her surprise. Missy soon finds out the her sparks are shooting for very different reasons.

Waking up 100 years into the future and on a different realm was never something bear shifter Zane thought would happen to him, heck he wasn’t thinking at all because his bear was in hibernation all that time. According to the legends the only thing that could wake him from the spell was his true mate. How could he tell her this though, she won’t even believe he’s from another realm. He’s awoken to a world he doesn’t know, but he will learn it for his mate if he can stay alive long enough.

Will Missy come to terms with the true nature of her sleeping hunk and will Zane be able to adjust to life 100 years later?

I loved reading this heart warming story, Missy deserves her HEA.


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