Cover Reveal~~~~> A Force of Nature Fairytale Series by M.A. Horst

A Force of Nature Fairytale Series
Author: M.A. Horst
Genre: Standalone Erotic Romance
Release Dates: May/June 2017

Series Blurb
One man’s promise to another binds his future Flower grandchildren to the Royal Family.

One by one a Flower will be claimed by a Royal.

The Royal family is a force of nature to be reckoned with, but have they finally met their match?

The Royal men are domineering, brute and fierce until they lay eyes on a Flower woman. Then nothing can stop them from claiming what’s rightfully theirs.

Fire Royal is the only female Royal amongst a sea of formidable Royal men, but she won’t let this keep her down. This is one woman who will never bow before a man, until she meets Reed Flower – the last of the Flower family to be claimed. 

Warning: Seven short, over the top, insta-love, hot as hell fairytales with a twist of kinkiness. 

Each book in The Force of Nature series is standalone & about a different couple.

Release Date: May 8, 2017
Storm, the eldestson of a heartless businessman is forced to choose a bride. His father wantsgrandchildren to secure the future of Royal Industries, and he wants themnow. 
Forced to choosefrom a specific list of women that’s been promised to the Royal family, Stormholds a masked ball and invites the six women.

Poppy has lived asheltered life. She has been homeschooled by her overprotective mother.Attending the masked ball is an exciting experience for her until she lands inthe arms of Storm Royal. Electricity crackles around them.

Poppy’s delicate new love is shattered when she finds out why Storm reallywants to marry her. She’s only a means to an end, another piece of property.
Can Storm winPoppy’s trust while trying to keep his fiery desire for her under control?
This is one forceof nature Poppy didn’t see coming.
Release Date: May 15, 2017
Lily has been born intowealth, and with that comes a certain responsibility. She has been promised toHail, who has just taken over Royal Industries along with his brothers andcousins. The Royal family screams power and money and they’ll destroy anyonewho stands in their way of acquiring more.
Hail is more forceful andunyielding than the preppy son of a greedy bastard Lily took him for.Everything about him is dominant. When his eyes lock with hers sparks fly instantly.Lily belongs to Hail and there’s nothing she can do but honor her grandfather’spromise.

Just one look at Lily andHail is determined to own her in every way. He doesn’t want her obedience justbecause she’s honoring a promise. He wants her obedience because she craves toplease him.

The force of nature might just be too much for the delicate Lily.

Release Date: May 22, 2017
Rose is more thorns thanthe flowery beauty people take her for. When she hears that she’s been promisedto Lake Royal, an arrogant bastard, she turns prickly.
Lake might be known asthe family player but he has a more serious side that comes out when he setshis sights on something he really wants. Lake wants Rose with a burningpassion. He wants to own her and tame her. There’s nothing more Lake likes thana good challenge.
Rose hates that Lake canmake her burn up with just a touch.
How long will Rose beable to fight of the force of nature that’s Lake Royal?

Release Date: May 29, 2017
When Rain picturesinnocence, he imagines a hot body in a school uniform.
Magnolia Flower isanything but. Her clothes are always a size to big and you won’t find her deadin a dress. Her hair’s a mess that she hides behind.
It only takes oneflick of Magnolia’s warm brown eyes to bring Rain to his knees.
Rain decides he’stired of playing the waiting game and he claims what’s rightfully his. Magnoliawill be his, body, mind and soul.
Can a delicateflower keep a force of nature like Rain on his knees?

Release Date: June 5, 2017
River Royal is like a bloodhound, oncehe gets the scent of a woman he wants, there’s no stopping him. He lives forthe thrill of hunting and conquering.
Jasmine Flower is determined to make iton her own in the business world. She’s offered a job by River, and even thoughall her senses are on high alert, she agrees. The money is amazing and it willgo a long way to helping her get on her own feet.
On her first day of work River informsher that he’s laying claim to the promise her grandfather made to his. She’llbe his in every way.
It might not be the job Jasmine appliedfor, but she likes it, so why not?
Has this force of nature finally met hismatch?

Release Date: June 12, 2017
It’s Cherry Flower’s first day at her first job. All she wants to do is make enough money so she can leave home which has become hell.

Everything changes when she literally falls into Tide Royal’s arms.

Tide is the most successful out of all his brothers and cousins. Everything he touches turns to gold. He’s never felt a burning passion for anything in his life … until Cherry. Tide rarely laughs and always keeps to himself. He wants nothing to do with the list of women promised to his family until he finds out that Cherry is the last woman left. It’s between him and his cousin Stone – who will get Cherry?

Tide can’t keep himself from feeling protective of Cherry. An overwhelming desire burns through his veins and he’ll stop at nothing to make Cherry his.

Will this force of nature win the heart of the last flower?

Release Date: June 19, 2017
Young Reed Flower gets a job as asecurity guard, working the nightshift at the reception counter of RoyalIndustries.  The powerful and sexy CEO,Fire Royal, is beautiful and mysterious. She’s worked hard to earn herself thenickname ‘The Ice Queen’ in order to keep gold-digging men at a distance.
Fire keeps playing with him – a game ofcat and mouse. She has no intention of ever being the mouse. Unable to resistReed’s dangerous good looks and inexperience, Fire admits she wants him andemploys him as her personal bodyguard. When she finds out just how innocent Reedis, she wants to be his first. She wants to shape him into a lover that willobey her every command. 

Reed is shocked to find that he’ll doanything to win Fire’s trust, but she’s a woman with dark secrets.

Will Reed give himself over to Fire andexplore the darker side of love or will this force of nature be the end of him?

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