Ana’s Review of Federal Paranormal Unit Bundle by Milly Taiden


Love those Alpha females that can hold their own in the face of danger, and especially with their mates!

Every single one of these stories is a standalone, but this bundle is even better because you can read each and every members story in one sit. Actually this is the second time I read these stories because I read each individually as they were published, but this was even better the second time around cause I got to read them straight through.

Wolf Protector is the story of Trent and Erika. Trent has been in love and known, as a wolf shifter, that Erika with her very mysterious ability is his soul mate for the past 10 years… Convincing her of that is another story. Erika has always been very weary of any one around her because of her special abilities which scared her mother so much that she dropped her off at an orphanage at age 3. The only person she trusts and who knows of her gift is her boss Brock. The unit she belongs to FPU (Federal Paranormal Unit) has a non-disclosure policy which prevents anyone from knowing the others ability. When she met Trent 10 years ago, she knew that she was lost to him, but her distrust has prevented her from acting on it, so she stays away from the ever lingering hot Trent.

Dangerous Protector centers on the headstrong Brock, head of the FPU. His mate disappeared on him 10 years ago and now she re-emerges as his boss! Will Cyn and Brock be able to contain the love and lust that never died. Will Cyn be forced to leave again in order to spare the love of her life the pain she could cause him, or will she finally realize that her hybrid Brock is not going to let her out of his sight this time no matter the consequences.

Unwanted Protector is the story of bad boy Tony Ramirez and Jane. 10 years ago Tony found his mate and made love to her. Now he wonders why every time he sees the unshakable Jane he and his tiger desire her so much yet deny that she is their mate, how can she be immune to his charms, he can’t even be with another female.  10 years ago Jane did the unthinkable to her true mate and she has lived with the pain since. Seeing him everyday and not being able to act on her desires is surely going to kill her. But as they say, Fate won’t be denied.

These 3 books are wonderful and I really hope that Ms Taiden plans on continuing to write about this Unit.

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