Ana’s Review of Tulsa Immortals Book 2: “Gin and Wrath” by Audra Hart


Wrath Becomes Her!

I knew this series was going to be awesome, Ms. Hart’s characters in the Tulsa Immortals is awesome….I loved Cajun Queen & Joker!

This one was way deeper and darker, but I loved Gin’s bad A** even when she thought she was who she was and then she was even better….. I loved the way she made the BAD A** WRATH rethink his ways. Who says beauty can’t tame the beast and enjoy submitting to her Dom without losing herself?

Wrath never thought he could have been blessed with a mate, after all being the son and Wolf Shield of Odin doesn’t allow for that, especially with his need for dominance and submission. But along comes the virginal Gin and nothing could be farthest from the truth, the human’s sass couldn’t be hotter to him. She could never understand and accept the darkness that lives within him, or could she?

Jennifer Lee Jones known to all as Gin is the epitome of good, she has always avoided the bad boys, she is a 23 year old virgin! But when she walks into her new weekend job at the Twin Ravens MC club and sees the imposing, mean viking looking biker, all those thoughts go out the window. She is about to be introduced to a new world, a world where she learns she is much more than she ever thought possible and that she has needs that are way different than she ever thought.

Enter a world of mythology the likes of which you have never seen, 1 Per centers that are much more than they seem and not for the bad.

AnaWolf Flame

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