Ana’s Review of A Wolf’s Hunger Book 2: “Kade” by A.K. Michaels


What’s a wolf to do when he has such an insatiable hunger, find his mate that’s in danger, or never find relief.

That’s what is happening to Kade and he was just informed by his Beta that the hunger is because his mate is out there and in danger now all he can do is follow his wolf’s nose till he finds her. What meets his eyes is enough to make his wolf go crazy, but when he pulls the rogue off that lovely scent, he is overwhelmed by the beauty staring at his wolf. He never wanted a mate this soon and he never believed it to be true, but the legends are real! Now if he could only convince the human of this, things would be perfect.

Kirsty is running for her life from rogue wolves that took all from her, they killed her parents and now they want her. With no place to go, she just keeps running till they catch up. When she next opens her eyes, she is met by a fur ball staring at her and her instincts kick in, before she can get a shot out, the most gorgeous, sexy man appears before her eyes and it would be such a shame to put an end to that, If this is death, why wake up?

This story is action packed and has a great HEA!


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