Ana’s Review of Warlocks MacGregor Book 4: “Cauldrons and Confessions” by Michelle M. Pillow


If you just want to sit back and forget the world around you and have a really great belly laugh for a while, then this is the book to read. These Warlocks, Demons and ghosts had me ROFLMAO! I just could not put it down wanting to read what other shenanigans these guys would think up!

Malina McGregor the only female in the family was sent away from Scotland to England when she was just a babe to avoid being burned during the witch hunts. She is a wild child though and her brother Niall the hunter is always cleaning up after her. In the wild 60’s she met and fell in love with a luck demon, but lo and behold Niall made an appearance and convinced her that Dar was evil and the outcome will forever change her life.

Dar is a Luck Demi-Demon one of the few not evil demons, in the 60’s he really spread his luck around in Vegas, even hung out with the Rat Pack. He met and fell in love with Malina even married her and his honeymoon was a pit to hell. Now decades later he is back with a vengeance, but is he really?

The antics of the MacGregor’s, not to mention the ghosts will have you rolling and crying from laughing so much…I highly recommend this book for a roaring good time! That whole MacGregor Warlock Clan are so looney!  LoL


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