Ana’s Review of A wolf’s Hunger: “Marrok” by Julia Mills


Hungry for the Wolf

I loved the story of Marrok and Scottie. They grew up together neighbors actually Marrock from the wolf pack across the swamp from Scottie’s lion pride in Florida. Little did they imagine that they would find a passion that not even the likes of Hurricane Andrew can stop.

Marrok Kilbride is the very just and powerful Alpha of the Gaelach Lain Wolf Pack, but he finds himself snapping and growling at everyone and everything around him lately, all the opposite of his usual self. He finds himself running in his wolf form searching for that alluring orange blossom aroma and it’s just out of his reach, if he doesn’t find it soon he will lose his mind. The only relief he feels is the tantalizing belly rub in his dreams and it’s coming from the source of the tantalizing orange blossom. When he opens his eyes he realizes that he has finally found the source of the exquisite aroma, the pip squeak Scottie. Nothing will stop him now, he claims his mate and God help the one that tries to take her from him.

Scottie is a lioness and princess of the Cattanach Pride, she has been sneaking across to the wolf pack lands since she can remember, but now she has another reason for doing it, big, imposing, sexy as hell Marrok. Her lioness knows he is her mate and to hell with the plans of mating her to that lunatic in a week. Will she be able to stay out of the clutches of that madman, will Marrok get to her in time?

Action packed and passionate as all get out. I loved this wolf’s hunger, the lioness’s was no less and it wasn’t for food!




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