Ana’s Review of Warriors of Stone Book 1: “Stone Lover” by Emma Alisyn


I think gargoyles are very sexy in all that they are tough to the bone.

Princess Surah Loveneau is human/gargoyle not entirely accepted by either world, but a brilliant scientist with just one mission in mind, find a cure for the genetic decease that took him off the throne and is slowly taking the life of the love of her heart, her brother by marriage. When she finally discovers that he has also loved her in silence, she doubles her efforts to find a cure while dodging marriage proposals from other high ranking gargoyles, after all she holds more power than even she knows as sister to the reigning King.

Malin Loveneau was struck with the malady that runs in his royal family. Not being able to shift into his gargoyle, he had to relinquish his throne to his younger half brother and lives as a human. His love for his stepsister has always been there and now he must let her know and is happy to live in the human world if it means being with the woman that owns his heart. But factions want to take the throne and he must battle to keep his love safe. When Malin begins to feel the effects of the recent medication Surah has created, all bets are off.

So much passion in love and war. I want to read more of the Warriors of Stone, they are so passionate. I would love to read the story of Surah’s human father and her gargoyle mother Adgara.


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