Ana’s Review of “The Billionaire Werewolf’s Witch” by Celia Kyle


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t!

This was a short, but very enjoyable story. It’s a time when wolfs don’t like witches and more so Watchers. They watch and record all that transpires in the Paranormal world from contracts to bad deeds, they’ve been doing it for centuries.

Rachel Riordan is a BBW that is trying to live inconspicuously after the death of her parents who were Watchers at the hands of vampires. She tells no one of her watch status, much less that she is a Watcher. She works as secretary at the very prestigious Hemming Industries, unaware that the president of the company is an Alpha Werewolf. Until she is called upon to check over a contract between the Pack and Vampires. When she sees her boss sparks start to shoot in her, but the handsome billionaire would never take notice of a mere BBW secretary, would he?

Grant Hemming, President of Hemming Industries and Alpha of his pack is very suspicious of the contract that has been drawn up by the lawyers and has his Sentinal find a lawyer to look it over, but when he walks in with Rachel a dropout Pre-Law student, his wolf threatens to come out. She is his mate and to hell with the wolfs that condemn Witches and Watchers, they will accept her, or leave. She will become his mate despite old beliefs. The Vampires want the Watcher, have been searching for her, now they will have to go through the Alpha to get his mate if they can see her long enough that is.

This was a fast, but very enjoyable story and I hope to read more about Grant and Rachel and how she is accepted by the Pack in the future.

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