Ana’s Review of “The Wild Operatives Introduction” (Wild Ops Team Alpha Book 1) by Vivienne Savage


What A Wild Ride!

This introduction to this brand new series The Wild Operatives is comprised of 3 books. The Wild Operatives are a group of different Shifter Military Special Ops Retirees led by Retired Air Force Colonel Ian MacArthur an eagle shifter. The group takes on missions for the government all over the world when called upon. This bundle introduces you to it’s members and their specialties while telling you the story of 3 of it’s members. Get ready to enjoy the ride.

The Right to Bear Arms
Daniela Reyes has no idea that the bear she finds sleeping in her hammock and takes to feeding everyday is the man she falls in love with. When werebear Weapons Specialist Russell sees his new neighbor BBW latina, he is confused to the core. Could it be that the fates have seen fit to give him a second chance at love?

Let Us Prey
Retired Air Force Colonel Ian MacArthur, leader of the Wild Operatives is an eagle shifter. At the advanced age of 53 he has no expectations of ever finding a mate to give his Grams some Great Grand Babies no matter how hard she tries to hook him up with grandaughter’s of her church friends. And then his eagle eye catches sight of Leigh at church. Leigh has a shady past and the whispers and taunts can be heard, but Ian makes it his mission to put an end to all that.

The Purr-fect Soldier
Taylor is cougar shifter and a member of The Wild Operatives. Right now he is working a mission set up by Ian in the little town of Quickdraw to weed out the bad elements in prison responsible for the drug trade there. Taylor is very happy for his team mates having found their mates, but he also longs for what they have. Maybe after he finishes this mission, he’ll find her back home. When he comes upon a BBW beauty broken down on the side of the road, his cougar rears up and realizes they have finally found her. Problem is Jada is the daughter of Chief Hunt of Quickdraw and he has no idea what’s going on. Will he be able to complete his mission while trying to win the heart of his mate before her Daddy puts an end to their relationship?

This series is more than I could have imagined, it has it all! Action, suspense, intrigue and hot and heavy passion. You can’t miss out with this one. I loved it and I can’t wait to read more stories of The Wild Operatives



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