Ana’s Review of “Broken Hills Bears” Books 1-3 by Ariana Hawkes


3 Fabulous Books

I love these big, hot fighting stars from the Broken Hill Clan. I loved the complexity yet acceptance of the interaction between shifter and humans. Knowing, but ignoring what they were seeing within the ring because of course it is a given that humans love to see agression and that’s exactly what they get when the Broken Hill Bears and the Black Paw Ridge Bears fight.

Bear in the Rough
Freya has all her life felt a whole in her heart after her father abandoned her and her mother. She believes in the friendship of her 2 buddies and herself, no one else.. She won’t even have a relationship afraid that she will be abandoned again, she never thought it possible until she meets Xander. But will she believe and allow herself the luxury of happiness for once in her life? Xander comes back home after 5 years in the military among humans. He isn’t in his fathers presence a whole day when all of a sudden he finds himself the new Alpha of his clan, a title that should have gone to his older brother Maximus. Now he must contend with not only unhappy clan members, but his brother as well. He is at a loss as to what he must do, but then he gets wise advise from a very unlikely source and his life changes.

Bear Knuckle Bear
Braxton Quentin is known for his easy going ways, but deep down he is a very angry and broken bear due to a horrifying experience with humans as a child. Because of this he wants nothing to do with humans except for his interactions with them at the arena when he fights. Now he meets this petite human that wants to help him with a big problem the bears are facing, but he wants nothing to do with her, or her help.. The bears can handle their own problems! Problem is, his bear is purring, purring! Neve Vincent has had a huge crush on her hero Braxton since she can remember and now she has an opportunity to see him up front and personal. This is like a dream come true! Only Braxton has a huge chip on his shoulder and he manages to deflate her bubble, but she is a fighter. Will she be able to tame the beast?

Bear Cuffs
Rocco always the bad boy and the youngest to ever fight as an adult is thrown off his game after being knocked out in the ring because of treachery from members of his clan. He takes off hoping to lick his wounds away from the clan and now he is back and ready to take on his responsibilties in the clan. When his alpha tells him he needs him to take a mate from a neighboring clan in order to save his clan, he is dumb founded, but he agrees to it. Surprise hits him in the gut when he realizes who it is, but doubts that she will agree to this farce. When he comes face to face with her he realizes all the hate, or is it hurt that she harbors and that he should have handled things differently all those years ago, should have fought harder to keep his true mate.
Harper Waverly never thought she would see the man that broke her heart when they were teenagers, let alone mate him. He was her best friend and her future mate then out of the blue he told her he didn’t love her anymore and now he thinks he can just come into her life like nothing ever happened.. Can she live the rest of her life with a man she hates, yet looks even better to her than he did years ago?



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