Ana’s Review of Sassy Ever After: Claws, Class & A Whole Lotta Sass” by Julia Mills


A Dragon Named Wolfe?

Loved this book, the mystery and suspense was great!

Dannika was raised by wolves and she has a very guarded secret that not even her adoptive brothers and BFF know, she was told as a child that only when she mated with her soul mate would she be revealed. Her dragon has lain dormant in her for 100’s of years, but when that Dragon Guardian hunk walks through the door all bets are off, as she feels her for the first time in her life. No one has ever recognized what she is, but he recognizes her for what she is both dragoness and his mate. As he rushes towards her she mentally stops him from revealing the truth. But for how long will Danni be able to control the desires coursing through her.

Wolfe is a Dragon Guardian sent to Danni’s pack to help with the rising rogues. He has never wanted a mate knowing first hand what losing a mate will do to a dragon, after all, he lived through it with his , a parents. When he walks into the meeting with the pack Heads and sees Danni, he can’t help himself and keeps walking right towards her, but she mentally stops him. How can it be, surely she feels it too? He will get his mate if he has to whisk her away, will he succeed in conquering what he never wanted in the first place?

This story was such fun to read, the dialogue between all these alphas was great, not to mention what fun it was reading how Wolfe tried to win over Danni.


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