Ana’s Review of Aloha Shifters: Jewels of the Heart Book 2 “Lure of the Wolf” by Anna Lowe


Very Talented Indeed!

I’ve been blown away to Hawaii…..Aloha! Oh I loved this second book of this great new series Aloha Shifters… These ex-military hunky shifters live in Hawaii taking on odd jobs as P.I.’s and Body Guards….So far dragon shifter Kai has found his mate Tessa. Now we come to Boone, the wolf shifter who looks like a model for a surfers magazine.

Boone is cousin to the alpha of Twin Moons Ranch in Arizona, he hooked up with his team mates in the Military and has been living with them in his own little hut by the water in Hawaii ever since. He has never believed in fated mates, he is very scarred and bitter after being duped by the woman he thought was his mate while serving his country.. That’s why he can’t believe when the beautiful siren is washed up from the sea to the beach in his back yard and he feels the pull. Can he trust a woman again, will chance it or let her slip out of his fingers?

Nina is swept away in a wave of water into the arms of the most beautiful man she has ever seen, problem is she only remembers her name and not why someone would want her dead. If it means she will continue to ride the waves of pleasure in his arms, she doesn’t want to remember.

With Nina comes the Firestone and evil beings will go to any lengths to acquire it and the millions she unknowingly inherited along with the Ruby Firestone.

Lots of action and the passion is to die for…..Boone is one very talented wolf!  I felt like I was right there in the outdoor shower yummmmm!



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