Ana’s Review of “Filthy Doctor” (A Bad Boy Medical Romance) by Amy Brent


I totally enjoyed this naughty story. You never forget your first, but is that also true for the guy?

Dr. Cole Walker is the best heart surgeon and most eligible bachelor 5 years straight, he is never lonely for women, they line up to get a chance to get that muscle worked on by him. He was Army Brat and nerd Calvin Cole Walker when he met his best friend almost 20 years ago, they were also each others first. What they never imagined was meeting each other after all that time, Lucy cannot believe her eyes. Gone is the lanky, nerdy boy, enter Dr. Cole Walker the sexiest hottest man she has laid her eyes on. Will they pick up where they left off with a little more head in the game, or will Cole still want to sow his oats, after all it’s not the back of his dad’s car.

Very entertaining story without being too hardcore.



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