Ana’s Review of Mystic Wolves 4: “Bronx’s Wounded Wolf” by Elle Boon


I absolutely loved this story, the hurt, hope and suspense was amazing and the coming together of the Mystic Wolves and The Iron Wolves was great!

Taya Blade was whisked away as a baby by her fathers mate, taken far from her sibling for reasons unknown to her. When she finally returns to the Iron Wolves, again she is whisked away, but now for more nefarious reasons and by kin. She is stripped of her wolf and when rescued she can’t seem to get her back, or feel her. How can she be a mate to any wolf when she has lost hers, she feels for the big brooding, scary Bronx from the Mystic Wolves where she is living now, but how can she ever hope that he would want a mate that is broken. Will she ever find happiness as a human?

Bronx Ducane is one big scary dude, who never thought he’d find a woman who would accept him, he is big and scary. When he sees Taya he knows she is his mate, but she has been hurt and scarred and doesn’t have her wolf to recognize her mate. Can he convince her that he wants her no matter what and can his love bring out her wolf.

Taya finds out why her aunt ran away with her and she and Taryn finally discover why their father and his brother always meant them harm.

The ending of this story is so explosive as the Mystic Wolves and The Iron Wolves come together to eliminate the last threat against Taya her uncle. Even the wacky Fae Queen Jenna and her mates show up and Taya surprises everyone, not to mention herself. Bronx is one big, scary, sexy wolfman and he needs to keep a water hose in his back yard for those passionate sparks, especially with the wildcat he finally has on his hands.




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